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Zagreb motifs, seaside motifs, prints, oils, combined techniques, pastels, watercolors...
Gallery Zagreb 1A painting is worth more than a thousand words
During my frequent walks around Zagreb, I portray everyday city vistas. Small and usual thingsoccupy my attention. On my paintings people meet, fall in love, say goodbye... wait for somebody or walk, and hide under an umbrella while trams go by. On the stage of a city I know well.

Gallery Zagreb 2Walking around Zagreb...
Medium of printmaking art is an impression. Techniques for printmaking are divided in techniques of high print, techniques of flat print and techniques of deep print. High prints are woodcut, linocut monotyping. Techniques of flat imprint are lithography, screen-printing, offset-printing, and today the computer graphics. Characteristic of printmaking is multi-originality. Deep imprints are etching, engraving, aquatint, reservage and dry needle. If, after printing, the author intervenes with a painting or drawing technique at the print, than it is a combined technique. Prints should not be compared to reproduction.

Seaside Gallery 3Sea, olive trees, stone..
My other inspiration is the sea, stone and olive trees. I look for Mediterranean colors in the light and in a peaceful way of living of people there. I would like that you, while looking at those motifs, imagine shimmering of the air in a summer day's heat, swinging of the boats, the shade of old stone streets. Landscape through which maybe just now a woman with a donkey is passing.

Graphic design and illustrations 1Stickers, drawing-booklets, illustrations, amblems...
Graphic design is a form of applied art that usually includes combining typography, illustration, photography and printing, in order to transfer an idea or a message through visual communication with an aim of informing. In recent times graphic design deals equally in new technologies, for example with video, film or multimedia.

Gallery 4Zagreb motifs,Vienna motifs, seaside motifs,motifs of your choice, other...
If you want your own motif or portrait in oil colors, dry pastels or any other technique by popular price, contact me.

Graphic design and illustrations 2Kraš calendars, projectzwo, other
Althoug it’s mostly connected to two-dimensional, graphic design does not exclude dealing with three dimensional objects. Although designing forms requires creativity and knowledge of styles, there are two main characteristics that make graphic design different than art and applied art: the message must be formed so that it is recognizable and understandable to target audience. Designer must take into account the technical implementation.

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Gordan Kolariæ
I was born June 15th,1962 in Zagreb, where I live and work. I have finished author academy in 1997, in the class of professor Ante Schramadei. As a member of HLD (Croatian visual arts society), I have taken part in numerous joint exhibitions throughout Croatia. Independent exhibitions; Zagreb, Sesvete, Brela,Crikvenica,Vodice,Punat. I have taken part in donor auctions and visual arts colonies.

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All information and requests for possible cooperation are available at phone numbers 00385/ 1/ 2021 622 mobile phone 00385/ 91/ 250 7706. We will answer your questions, requests, suggestions, praise and critique with pleasure. Contact information follow:

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